Friday, April 14, 2006

It's a NEW Blog... The Art of Greg Oakes

i hope this place will become something special in the not so distant future. as long as i don't become an addict like i did with myspace, things should work out just fine. ha-ha. enjoy my new blog. ~go

this is a 40" skateboard deck for a summer art show put on by 'toy tokyo' in new york.

((( DECKED OUT ))) 100 Custom Longboards by 100 Contemporary Artists June 2nd - June 15th @ The Showroom NYC.

you can find the AD in the 'May 2006 issue (#64) of JUXTAPOZ art & culture magazine (pg.29).

i painted this pretty plywood shape with acrylic paints and named it 'the teeth, tongues & tits totem'. hope you dig it!?



D.Macri said...

Scary, Sexy, Cute ?

Add a link to me too.

Kristen McCabe said...

I dig it! I dig it! Nice tits Greg! :P heh!

Congrats on the blog. I will be adding you to my link section!

greg oakes said...

agh what the heck, i might as well leave a comment here too! :)


now my blog is officially broken-in, kindasorta i guess eh? ;)

kristen, i'm so glad that you like my tits!! lol... i worked long and hard on those babies to get 'em lookin' just right!! ;) lol...


D.Macri said...

Oh boy. I followed link after link and came to the conclusion, there is a lot of talented people out there with blog addictions =).

greg oakes said...

yep. it's 5:30am. why am i here? aghhh!!! editing my blog page! i'm so tired. addicted yes. *sigh* i just added a ton of links!!! i basically cut & pasted them from my official website. still was a lot of work fixing up the html to match blogger's html. *sigh*



This skateboarddesign is freaky awesome!
Love it!!!!
Great art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Oh boy this is great !!! :) Nice work !!