Sunday, May 21, 2006

'victoria day' long weekend pocket sketchbook dump

that's right, one of the few canadian's that didn't go camping, canoeing, fishing, socializing, partying, this-ing, that-ing, blah blah frickin' blah-ing. ...wasn't even draw-ing. :p ...haha. *yawn* enjoy these old pocket sketchbook pages. yay! :p ...go


D.Macri said...

Haha, as pleasure as always greg, nice work.

greg oakes said...

thanks david! :)

it be kinda quiet 'round these parts eh?

oh well. *sigh*


Anonymous said...

(we're all watching greg, just being very, very quiet...we're hunting wabbits)

D. Sky Onosson said...

nice zombie!

greg oakes said...

thanks james! :) yeah... i kinda knew that. i was just missing the back and forth that was goin' on with folks over at ALFA. ;) coming back to my blog and simply staring at my own scribbles without any of that interaction was gettin' kinda lonely and well, pathetic for lack of a better word. ;) LOL... in some ways this electronic chatting is a great way to feed the soul isn't it? :p those are my deep thought for today! LOL...

hey-hey!! mr. sky!! :) thanks for stoppin' by man! :D glad you liked the decomposing undead guy! LOL... he makes me giggle. :P

Fulton Beal said...

Great stuff Greg, decomposing dead guys are always great. Love big boob lady and lips are sealed as well.

I often wonder just why its like pulling teeth to get blog comments sometimes, but then I step back and realize that I myself am just as guilty, if not more so than others of keeping my mouth shut, eh, such is life.

Pairing the glorified death
With piles of udderly flesh
Can be quite the chore
But its hardly a bore
Indeed its the world I like best