Sunday, July 02, 2006


i have some colour on my skin (burn?). i even used tons of sunblock. that sun is gonna kill us all. doesn't take much. :( spent the day with the wife and kids and the rest of the wife's family out at GRAND BEACH just a hop skip and a jump from good old winnipeg. i think that's the most sun, not to mention fresh air i've gotten all summer long, i mean all year long. anyhow, i scribbled the black line art while i sat in the passenger seat driving out to the beach. i don't normally drive. there are many reasons for that. the best and most forgiving reason is that i simply love to have my hands free to scribble in my pocket sketch pad. so i sketched this thing whatever it is and then added some water colour to it whilst on the beach staring at half naked women. there were half naked guys too, but i wasn't interested in them. i feel so old. kids nowadaze. *sigh* i'm not so pale anymore. i used to tan like crazy, but that was when there was something called summer holidays. haha. it's nearly 2:30am and i shouldn't really be typing but i am. so uh, yeah, i'll stop now. oh, i meant to say that while i was on the beach i saw a lot of half naked women, young ladies, chicks,... oh, i mentioned that already. oops. sorry.

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