Thursday, March 31, 2011

Graffiti Gallery presents: TREDICI

(11"x14" Acrylic on Canvas)

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greg oakes said...

via facebook: {{{ the number 13, and i was feeling extremely tired. ;) click the link in the description (which links you to the image again with links beneath it) to see the full album and painting in progress. sorry for being so vague; very difficult to explain (at this time), i was simply in a zone and the next thing you know i had a painting. ;) *sigh* okay, i took a deep breath, gathered my thoughts,... i'll try to break it down now; it was for a group show (which you'll discover via the description link), and the theme was #13, and since i'm a spiritual kinda guy ([{not "religious"} god the] universe, consciousness expanding, source energy, we are one,... the force, etc.), and a lover of odd numbers, that was enough to get me started, and everything else just fell into place. i'm known for drawing people a lot, caricatures and such, so a portrait type image seemed appropriate; i wanted to show a manifestation of spirit (soul energy) into physical matter as well, so that's why her chest area is swirling (like a black hole, or maybe a wormhole, vortex type thang!?!), as if it's coming from her core/heart area (though the heart is obviously off centre to the left); same thing with the cranial area, flowing energy, connecting with god the universe, the mind is the tool/mechanical machine so to speak that our soul uses as a vehicle (within a vehicle [that being the human body]), mass consciousness, etc.. the third eye is obviously all about the seeing beyond, unplugging from the matrix as they say, intuitive perception (been happening in my life a lot more these days [i'm simply more aware of it the older i get i guess!?]), the realization that we are all connected (obviously beyond the human species physical thang), we are forever evolving spiritual beings, trapped in shell, a vehicle to help us get through this earthly plane (w/no shortage of potholes *wink*), live and learn along the way, blah blah blah. ;) yeah, that's about it i guess!? :P ...thanks for lovin' it, ricky!! peace,...~go the "I ♥ 13" is based on the famous milton glaser "I ♥ NY" design. pps. i gave her boobies, because i can't seem to draw women without giving them some sort of lady lumpage. ;) :P ...theeend *yawn* zzz... }}}