Monday, November 05, 2012

once an empty envelope always an empty envelope until it's full of doodles and shit like that blah blah blah...

empty credit union envelope ;) eight inches square sharpie ultra fine smitty's lounge regent avenue transcona winnipeg canada drinking decaf (i never f***ing drink decaf, but tonight i drank a lot, and then i drew this shit!? go figure, eh!? lol...weird.) *sigh* earlier in the afternoon/evening i was at the central canada comic con for a few hours, met my new fb friend winnipeg actress tamara gorski, artist pals chris chuckry, nick burns, robert pasternak, and rod salm. i even bumped into kira (my oldest daughter), who was there with a friend and her friend's dad; some reason she didn't wanna go with dad (that being me, moi, ahem, her father), because i talk too much, wander off and stuff like that (couldn't be further from the truth). ;) hmmm...what else happened today before i scribbled all this shit!? oh, i spent ten minutes in the grocery store buying food type stuff for the kid's lunches tomorrow, and um, yeah,...that was exciting, especially since they closed at six, and i didn't leave the downtown until approx twenty to, and by the time i got to the grocery store it was ten to (my goodness, what an exciting story, eh!?). so then i return home, a few hours pass, and now it's like nine pm-ish and i'm out the door to meet up with some friends for coffee. well, moments before i started doodling i was asked by my friends why i didn't bring my sketchpad and i simply told them i've stopped doing that, just not in the mood anymore, but i said in case of an emergency i have this sharpie in my jacket pocket and an empty credit union envelope as well, and if i get in the mood, maybe, just maybe i'll sketch something. so one of my friends started it for me by writing in the upper right (if you look close you can see it [upside down]) "put that frown upside down" with a smiley face; she handed it back to me and i gave her shit saying "it's supposed to say...turn that frown upside down! not put!!"! either way, she got a smile outta me, and i guess that was enough to put me in the zone; don't remember much except some background noise (friends talking), and before i knew it, i had the entire page full! hope you dig it!? if your eyes hurt because it's too busy, and maybe it gives you a headache, my apologies, this was not my intention. ;) happy monday folks!! pokes pokes ~g.oakes([c]

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