Tuesday, April 15, 2008

anomalous trilogy

Green tea from China found to be contaminated with alarming levels of pesticides "...you should consider sourcing your green tea from somewhere other than China. Get it from an organic source, some place that doesn't spray it with pesticides. It's more expensive, of course, but it's also safer for your health."
Toxic Waste in the Public Well
The Lie About Fluoride or Why I No Longer Feed My Kid Rat Poison
By Miriam Green

"Eye see."

"Elf Off" by Greg Oakes (Image&Text) ©April.2008
(Actual Size: Approx. 2"x3")
"I'm an Elf and I'm supposed to have large pointy ears you Elfin' moron!!
Shut your Elfin' mouth and stop Elfin' staring at me for Elf's sake
or I'll put some kinda Elfin' spell on you!!"