Saturday, January 02, 2010

don't cry over spilt coffee

This cartoon is more so an inside joke between myself and a few friends; then again maybe it's just an inside joke between Me, Myself & I (aka the voices in my head). ;) Long story short,... there were two women sitting across the room from us at a local lounge/restaurant; one was a slender brunette and the other was a blonde with big boobies; we found out later that the blonde just recently had a baby which explained why her breasts were so large. Wasn't that an exciting story?! I knew that you'd love it!! ;) *SIGH* Unfortunately nobody was crying over spilt milk that night,... only spilt coffee. *GROAN* The entire spilt coffee scenario in reality never happened, but it did really happen in my mind, hence the dramatic cartoon reenactment! ;) 

ps. it's one of those cartoons that doesn't make much sense unless you were there, or have your mind in the gutter on a regular basis (like myself); hence the little story to accompany the cartoon so that there would be less head scratching. 
btw, the scribbles surrounding the main cartoon panel have nothing to do with the cartoon itself; i simply liked the look of the page in general. enjoy.