Tuesday, January 25, 2011

odd balls

this was one of those sketches that started off really simple, then i messed up here and there, and continued to add lines to balance everything out. i kept telling myeself "keep it simple,... stop with the detail, or you'll regret it!". *sigh* it's interesting enough that i wanted to share it with everyone; it's not the worst thing i've drawn, but it's wonky enough to give me a mild form of anxiety. ;) lol... 

i wanted to avoid covering up mistakes (ink blobs, smudges,...) using a correction pen, etc., so what you're seeing here is pretty raw, and rare. aside from fiddling with the levels in photoshop, the only other thing done to this was erasing the pencil lines. well, it's something, either way; who knows, maybe i'll make this into a large painting one day. enjoy.

2h pencil, brush pen, and eraser (sans correction pen)
5"x7" Pocket Sketchbook ©2011 GregOakes.com


Friday, January 07, 2011


here's my first 5"x7" sketchbook page of 2011 !!! 
the usual,... pentel brush pen, pentel correction pen,
ultra fine sharpie, and a wee bit of 2H pencil. ;)