Tuesday, June 11, 2013


a rare sight,...the illusive and/or elusive oakes family (effin' english, eh!?), together at last, ahem, again,...well, they were never actually apart, and um, we've all seen them in cartoon form before, so yeah, that's all that i have to say about that!! so there!!! hmph!! okay, where was i!?? oh yes, materials used! *wink* 2h pencil, pentel brush pen, chartpak ad markers, pentel correction pen, and a wee bit o' sharpie ultra fine point! created on one of the last few pages left in my 5x7 inch sketchbook, which i began end of july 2011 (it was a slow go [get it!? slow "go"!! *wink*] *groan*). so yeah, one more page to go, and then it's done; i have another 5x7 ready & waitin' to be sketched in! let's hope this next one doesn't take two years to complete! here's to happy thoughts and more productivity!! cheers!